Epson: Exceeding in Sustainability

Environmental Vision 2050

The ‘Epson Exceeding in Sustainability’ press conference on 2nd June 2008 in Brussels is one of a series of events envisioning Epson’s role in and contribution to society, environment and ecology based on Epson’s values and technologies. At this event, Epson will unveil – as a world kickoff – its Environmental vision 2050 and the measures to reach those challenging goals.

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Mr. Akihiko Sakai - Executive Officer, Corporate Strategy Office, Seiko Epson Corporation



Mr. Ide - President and CEO, Epson Europe B.V., Amsterdam



Mr. Tufet - Vice President Corporate Office, Epson Europe B.V., Amsterdam



Dr. Salerno - Head of Research, Development and Production Division of the Epson Meteo Center, Milan, Italy.

Background information

Toner and Ink Cartridges recycling

Sustainable Procurement

Zero Emissions, Zero Waste

History and Milestones

Life Cycle Thinking

Additional information

Epson's measures regarding water pollution in China

Eco-products guide

Seiko Epson Corporate information

Epson Meteo Centre Research Activities

The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

Epson Toyocom achieves zero emissions
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Epson Sustainability report
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Epson printers first to receive Energy Saving Trust recommendations
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Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change
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US EPA - Climate Change State of Knowledge
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Singapore Epson Clinches Top Environmental and Social Reporting Award
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Epson Korea Awarded for Reducing Standby Power Consumption
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